Welcome to Precision Surface. We are a small local business based out of Johannesburg whose aim is to provide high-quality professional-grade Gaming Mouse Pads to the massive South African gaming and e-sports community. When an edge is needed to get ahead of the competition, Precision is what you should turn to.

Never Settle

Design excellence

Precision Surface Mousepads are designed to give the user the most precise tracking response via our high-grade Neoprene surface supported by 3mm thick non-slip rubber padding, all of that wrapped in a stitched anti-fray edge. Our prints are done via sublimation printing ensuring the highest image quality and color density all while maintaining a perfectly flat and smooth surface.


Super wide 780x300mm sizing

3mm Thickness

High quality non-reflective neoprene surface

High image quality and resolution sublimation prints

Stitched edge to eliminate frays

Who's Using Precision Surface

These are our pro players and streamers using Precision Surface

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